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Router Connects to the Computer but the Computer is not accessing the Internet

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You have successfully connected your computer to the CradlePoint router but you see a page saying "No Attached WAN Device" or "Internet Connection is Being Established" or similar.

This may happen for a number of reasons, here are a few examples:

  • Your router’s firmware needs to be updated to include support for your modem.
  • Your modem is not yet supported by CradlePoint - Supported Modem List
  • Your ISP may be experiencing difficulties
  • Your router is not properly configured
  • You may be in a low service area for your cellular/data provider
  • Your browser may be in ‘Off Line’ mode


If you are connecting successfully to the router but not getting online check the following things:

  • The status light of your router to see if it is showing a successful connection to the Internet. Is this light green? Orange?

  • If the Status light is not showing that your card is connected and online, you may need to update your firmware. To check your firmware version and update if necessary, follow the steps listed here:

  • If the router's lights are showing that you are online (green) then try the following steps:

    • For Windows XP:
      1. Click on Start
      2. Click 'Run..'
      3. Type inetwiz into the text box next to open and click ‘OK’.
      4. Internet Connection Wizard will come up, select Connect Using my local area network (LAN) and click ‘Next’
      5. Uncheck ALL boxes on this page and click ‘Next’
      6. Select 'No' when asked to set up an Internet mail account, then click ‘Next’
      7. Click Finish
    • For Windows 8/7/Vista:
      1. Open Internet Explorer
      2. Click ‘Tools’ then ‘Internet Options’
      3. Select the ‘Connections’ tab.
      4. Half way down the Connections tab it will say "Choose Settings if you need to configure a proxy server for a connection." Make sure this option is set to "Never Dial a Connection".
      5. Click the ‘LAN Settings’ button
      6. In the Local Area Network (LAN) Settings box, check "Automatically detect settings", and uncheck everything else. Then click 'OK'
      7. Click ‘OK’ to exit out of the Internet options.
      8. Close all browsers and open a new browser to see if you can get online.
  • If this does not get you back online check the IP settings of your network adapter. For instructions on how to do this read the following Knowledge Base Articles. Optimal Computer Settings for Use with a CradlePoint Router.

  • Is your Browser in "Off-Line" mode?
    • Some browsers, such as Firefox and Internet Explorer, occasionally switch to Off-Line mode. Generally, any attempt to surf to a page on the Internet will cause the "Browser is in Off-line mode" to appear. To change this, see the help/preferences for your browser. You do not need to be online to change this mode setting in your browser.

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Published Date: 10/5/2015

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