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Series 3: How to connect a Wired WAN Modem to a Cradlepoint router with one Ethernet port

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Series 3: How to connect a Wired WAN Modem to a Cradlepoint router with one Ethernet port

Products Supported: CBR400 and CTR35. Click here to identify your router.

Firmware Version: 4.3.3 (CBR400 only) and 3.6.3 (CTR35 only) - for information on upgrading firmware, click here.

The CradlePoint products that this article refers to are in the End of Life process, there will be no further firmware updates for any of these products.  All Knowledgebase articles related to these products have received their final update.  To view our current product line, please visit

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Configuring the Router

Connecting the Modem


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This article provides instructions for configuring a CTR35 or CBR400 to use a wired internet source, such as a Cable, DSL or Satellite modem.

Router Configuration

Configuration Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Step 1:Connect to your router wirelessly. Reference this article for additional guidance: Connecting to a Cradlepoint Router.
  • Step 2: Log into the router's Setup Page. For help with logging in please click here.
  • Step 3: Click on the Network Settings tab and select WiFi/Local Networks from the drop-down menu.

User-added image

  • Step 4: Scroll down to the Local Network Interfaces section and click on the Ethernet Port Configuration tab.

User-added image

  • Step 5: In the drop-down next to your Ethernet port, change the mode to Internet (WAN).

User-added image

  • Step 6: Change your router's IP address to Reference this article for detailed instructions.


  • If you already have your cable modem plugged into your router, unplug it.
  • Power off both the Cradlepoint router and the modem. If the modem doesn't have an on/off switch, just pull out the power cord.
  • While both devices are turned off, connect them with an Ethernet cable.
  • Wait 30 seconds and power on just the modem.
  • Wait until the modem connects to your ISP's network (usually 30-35 seconds), then power the Cradlepoint router back on.

After the Cradlepoint router goes through its startup sequence it will connect to your modem, and all devices that are connected to the Cradlepoint wirelessly should have Internet access.

NOTE: To access your router's administrative console again, use the IP address that was specified during step #4 of router's set up (typically



Check your computer's network settings:

  • Verify your network adapter settings. Reference the following article: How to Set a Computer to Accept DHCP Addressing
  • Open Internet Explorer, go to its Tools and Internet Options, click on the Connections tab, on the center of that screen make sure Never Dial a Connection is set. Now click on LAN settings and ensure that Automatically Detect Settings in UNCHECKED.
  • Call your Internet Service Provider and tell them you need to reset your cable/DSL/Satellite modem. Your modem may have saved the information from the last connection you had and you need to restore the cable modem to default settings.
  • Clone your computer's MAC address in the Cradlepoint router. Click here for detailed instructions.

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Published Date: 09/29/2015

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