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How to request a Zscaler Internet Security trial

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How to request a Zscaler Internet Security trial.

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This article provides some commonly asked questions and the answers to those questions regarding Zscaler Internet Security.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to request a trial for Zscaler in NCM?

  1. You will need either an NCM account or NCM trial activated
    • You can request a trial for yourself here at
    • The turnaround time on the trial activation is currently ~24 hours.
    • After 1 day you should receive an email with your NCM login credentials
  2. Once you can log into NCM you will then need to request a trial for Zscaler under the Applications tab shown below (your tab should say ‘Buy’ or ‘Try’)

    User-added image

  3. Starting that trial kicks off the process with our Operations group and Zscaler to get you an account set up. This process takes 2 full days.

  4. By the end of the 2nd day you should receive an email from Zscaler with your account credentials.
IMPORTANT NOTE: When the Zscaler functionality is enabled within a Cradlepoint router, the Cradlepoint will modify the EDNS portion of the packets in compliance with RFC 6891 in order to allow Zscaler to apply their filtering service to the each LAN behind the Cradlepoint.  Currently, we have seen some very specific servers lack the ability to route packets when a packet's EDNS field has been modified.  Please make sure your server can handle this type of traffic before purchasing the full product.

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Published Date: 07/13/2017

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