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NCOS: Release Notes 5.1.1 to Most Current Firmware

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NCOS: Release Notes 5.1.1 to Most Current Firmware

Products Supported: Series 3. Click here to identify your router.

Firmware Version: 5.1.1 to most current firmware - for information on upgrading firmware, click here.

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Important Notes

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This article has links to the reference pages for each firmware revision that shows the feature changes, bug fixes, and feature additions for all Series 3 Cradlepoint firmwares from version 5.1.1 to the most current firmware version.


This article links to the notable feature changes, bug fixes, and feature additions for all Series 3 Cradlepoint routers from firmware version 5.1.1 through the most current firmware version.


The .pdf release notes and the firmware files themselves may be downloaded from Cradlepoint Connect

Important Notes

Before upgrading to new firmware, it is always a good idea to save the configuration file from your current version. This firmware version will remove a configuration for version 3.2 or lower and will not try to keep your settings.

Revision 5.2.0 was a significant change from previous releases. Updating from prior versions to 5.0.0 through the router UI or ECM will keep all current settings. Factory resetting 5.1.0 and then reapplying a saved configuration from a pre-5.0.0 version may not reset all saved passwords correctly. Downgrading from 5.2.0 or later to an earlier version WILL force a factory reset on the router. Saving a 5.0.0 or later configuration and applying it to an earlier version will change any non-default passwords to an unknown string.

Release Notes 7.0.0

Release Notes 6.6.4

Release Notes 6.6.2

Release Notes 6.6.1

Release Notes 6.6.0

Release Notes 6.5.4

Release Notes 6.5.2

Release Notes 6.5.1

Release Notes 6.5.0

Release Notes 6.4.3

Release Notes 6.4.2

Release Notes 6.4.1 FIPS

Release Notes 6.4.1

Release Notes 6.4.0

Release Notes 6.3.3

Release Notes 6.3.2

Release Notes 6.3.1

Release Notes 6.3.0

Release Notes 6.2.3

Release Notes 6.2.2

Release Notes 6.2.1

Release Notes 6.2.0

Release Notes 6.1.0

Release Notes 6.0.5

Release Notes 6.0.1

Release Notes 5.4.3

Release Notes 5.4.1

Release Notes 5.4.0

Release Notes 5.3.4

Release Notes 5.3.0

Release Notes 5.2.4

Release Notes 5.2.3

Release Notes 5.2.2

Release Notes 5.2.0

Release Notes 5.1.2

Release Notes 5.1.1

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Published Date: 02/27/2017

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