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NetCloud Gateway: Auto Whitelist

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NetCloud Gateway: Auto Whitelist

Products Supported: AER16x0, AER31x0, CBA850, IBR9x0, IBR6x0b, IBR11x0, IBR350. Click here to identify your router.

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Cradlepoint Router Gateways now have an Auto-Whitelist Feature that will enable currently-connected and future clients to be added to the NetCloud Perimeter Overlay Network.

This feature uses DHCP leases to determine which devices will be added to the Overlay Network. This list updates every 15 seconds. This means that a device will no longer be whitelisted once its DHCP lease expires, which could be caused by anything that clears a DHCP lease e.g. reboot, expired timer, etc.

Note*: DHCP reservations will not guarantee that the Whitelisted client will receive the same Overlay IP address every time it connects.

A "cleanup" process will occur periodically that will remove "old" clients.

When Auto-Whitelist is disabled, any current clients will remain in the Externals list, and will persist until they are manually removed.

Note*: If you need a device to stay on the Overlay Network persistently, you will want to manually configure it as an External.


You will need to be logged into NCM to make these configuration changes.

Method 1

  1. Once you are logged into NCM, go into the Devices tab.

  2. Click on the NetCloud Client Status icon, to open up the Edit Router's NetCloud Perimeter Network window

  3. Enable Auto-Whitelist by clicking on the toggle button

    User-added image

Method 2

  1. Once you are logged into NCM, go into the NetCloud Perimeter tab.

  2. Click on the Gateway tab.

  3. Go to the externals page for the Gateway you want to enable Auto-Whitelist for.

  4. Click on Configuration > Auto Whitelist, and enable the feature for the LAN you select.

    User-added image

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Published Date: 07/14/2017

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