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NetCloud Perimeter: Install NetCloud Perimeter using Group Policy with User Auth

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NetCloud Perimeter: Install NetCloud Perimeter using Group Policy with User Auth

Products Supported: NetCloud Perimeter

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This is a tutorial of how to deploy the NetCloud Perimeter installation to your Microsoft Active Directory Domain using Group Policy.


Configuration Difficulty: Easy
  1.  Download NetCloud Perimeter msi installer here

  2.  Copy the msi to a network share and verify DOMAIN COMPUTERS have READ and EXECUTE file access permissions to the share and file.

  3.  Open Active Directory Group Policy Management

  4.  Select the Organization Unit you want to apply the Group Policy, Right Click and Create a new Group Policy

User-added image

  1.  Right Click your new GP and Edit

User-added image

  1.  Under Computer Configuration/Policies/Software Settings/Software Installation/New and create a new Package

User-added image

  1.  Browse to your network share and select the msi installer file

  2.  In the Deploy Software window, verify that the Assigned Radio button is selected and hit OK

User-added image

  1.  Click Ok and save.

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Published Date: 07/14/2017

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