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NetCloud Engine (Formerly Pertino): How to Install a NetCloud Client with AD Group Policy Objects Using Device Authentication

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NetCloud Engine (Formerly Pertino): How to Install a NetCloud Client with AD Group Policy Objects Using Device Authentication

Products Supported: NetCloud Engine (Formerly Pertino)

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This Guide covers the steps to use Active Directory’s Group Policy Objects (GPO) to mass deploy NetCloud Engine (Formerly Pertino) to your windows devices. For example, this could be used to automatically install NetCloud Engine (Formerly Pertino) for your sales team, or to a group of windows servers.


Configuration Difficulty: Expert

To get started you will need an Active Directory Server which supports Group Policy, a NetCloud Engine (Formerly Pertino) MSI file (32 or 64 bit version), and a NetCloud Client Device Authentication Key.

  • Step 1: Download the correct MSI installer (32bit or 64bit) from

  • Step 2: Log into and click on the three dots in the top right corner, this will take you to the settings page.

  • Step 3: Click on Generate Authentication Key 

User-added image

  • 3a. Click Generate Key

User-added image

  • Step 4: Download and install Microsoft Orca

  • Step 5: Open Orca

    • 5a. Within Orca, Open the NetCloud Client's MSI file

    • 5b. Click on Transform / New Transform

  • Step 6: With a text editor (notepad.exe) Open the “apikey.pertino” file that was generated in step 3. You should see a file with the text line like this:

    • 6a. APIKEY = 28b371b6-0571-4392-bd30-XXXXXXXXXXXX – copy the KEY
  • Step 7: Select the Property Table and create a New Property called API_KEY (Right click and select Add Row)

User-added image

  • Step 8: Click on Transform/Generate Transform and save this to your desktop

  • Step 9: In Orca, click on File and close the MSI file.

Note: The following are the normal steps you would take to push the MST file to a group of devices

  • Step 10. Copy the MSI to a network share and verify DOMAIN COMPUTERS have READ and EXECUTE file access permissions to the share and file.

  • Step 11: Open Active Directory Group Policy Management

  • Step 12: Select the Organization Unit you want to apply the Group Policy, Right Click and Create a new Group Policy

  • Step 13: Right Click your new Group Policy and select Edit

  • Step 14: Under Computer Configuration/Policies/Software Settings/Software Installation/New and create a new Package

  • Step 15: Browse to your network share and select the .MSI installer file

  • Step 16: In the Deploy Software window, select Advanced and hit OK

  • Step 17: Under NetCloud Client Properties, click on the Modifications Tab

  • Step 18: Click Add and add your .mst file

  • Step 19: You should now see the Group Policy updated with a path to your install directory

  • Step 20: Click Ok and save.

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Published Date: 10/7/16

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