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NetCloud Gateway (Formerly Pertino) FAQ

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NetCloud Gateway (Formerly Pertino) FAQ

Products Supported: NetCloud Engine

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What is NetCloud Gateway (Formerly Pertino)? For systems and machines, such as printers and servers, that do not support the standard NetCloud client, Cradlepoint has developed the Gateway feature.   The Gateway enables deployments including:

  • Customers who have specific policies that prohibit 3rd party clients to be installed on devices such as servers

  • Products that do not support the NetCloud client such as printers, security cameras, or time-card machines

  • Remote users located in remote physical networks needing access to IT devices (such as databases or applications)

  • Local users on the same or different subnets requiring access to similar devices where the NetCloud client cannot be installed


Configuration Difficulty: Intermediate
What are some typical topologies where the Gateway is deployed?

The illustration below provides the most popular deployment models.  In these cases, the Gateway is deployed either locally or in an Amazon VPC to enable devices to be connected to a NetCloud Engine network


User-added image

Who can use the Gateway?

Customers on Enterprise plans can use the Gateway feature.  It is also available on 30-day Trial plans.

How is Gateway licensed?

The Gateway and the devices that are accessed by the Gateway are each counted in the total number of devices licensed within the Enterprise plan.

For example, if you have one (1) Gateway and 10 devices that are accessed via the Gateway, 11 devices are part of the total number of devices licensed in your Enterprise plan.

What are the software requirements for Gateway?

The NetCloud Gateway (Formerly Pertino) is a Linux-only release.  The following are the system requirements:

Linux: Ubuntu Server 12.04 64-bit 4 cores 4 GB RAM

Can I have two Gateways on the same subnet?

No.  For this release, only one Gateway is supported on a local subnet.  Future versions of Gateway may support multiple instances on a single subnet.

Can I have more than one Gateway on a single NetCloud Engine network?

Yes, as long as each Gateway is on a different subnet.

Can I run two (or more) Gateways in a hot or cold standby configuration?

No.  For this release, hot or cold standby Gateways are not supported.  Future versions of Gateway may support redundant configuration.

What network performance can I expect from a Gateway?

Cradlepoint's testing of the Gateway demonstrates a maximum bandwidth of at least 100Mbps.

  • The performance of the Gateway is not measurably different from the standard NetCloud Engine client.
  • The total bandwidth supported by a Gateway is shared between all connected devices.
How many external devices can be accessed by a single Gateway?

Cradlepoint recommends limiting the number of devices to 20 or less for best performance.

Can I run Gateway in Amazon EC2 instances?

Yes, but the Gateway must be in a VPC subnet.

Do I need to make AD or DNS changes to my network?

AD and DNS servers must run the NetCloud Engine client to enable proper addressing between devices associated with the Gateway and the rest of your network


Known Problems

  • In the Dashboard view, the total number of devices does not reflect 100% after resources are added to the Gateway.
  • Uploading devices in CSV format is not supported in Firefox. Use Chrome as an alternative. (14234)
  • Trailing spaces used in external device's hostname values can propagate through to the Device FQDN. Please avoid using leading or trailing spaces in IT resource hostnames. (14292)
  • The Gateway UI may accept duplicate IP addresses for devices associated with a Gateway. Please avoid using duplicate IP addresses for IT resources. (14188)
  • Editing individual cells when adding external devices can be difficult. Delete the device and re-enter the information. (14235)

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Published Date: 9/29/16

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