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LE Modem Firmware Update Notification

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LE Modem Firmware Update Notification

May 5, 2015

What is it?
Cradlepoint has posted new firmware for LE-VZ embedded/integrated modems that addresses potential modem memory corruption. Please note that modem firmware is separate from router firmware.
Are my devices affected?
If you are running a router with an LE-VZ modem, and GPS functionality is enabled, please follow the mitigation steps below.  Note - default GPS setting is “not enabled” (except PWD version)
List of LE-VZ products that could be affected:
2100LE-VZF (MC300LE-VZ)
IBR600LE-VZ-PWD (GPS is enabled as default setting)
Not Affected
  • LE-VZ modems where GPS is not enabled
  • Products with any other modem (including all products with “LPE” modems)
Mitigation Steps: what actions do I take?
- If you have an LE-VZ modem with GPS enabled, you must upgrade the modem firmware to version
- Cradlepoint recommends all users of LE-VZ modems utilize this upgrade
Upgrading Modem Firmware
At CradlePoint, protecting your network is our first priority.  As part of Cradlepoint’s new firmware policy, customers always have the ability to implement bug fixes and patches by accessing firmware updates and upgrades.

To upgrade your modem firmware
  1. If you are utilizing NetCloud Manager, upgrading firmware is easy.  Click here
  2. For instructions on upgrading firmware using the Automatic Update capability in the router user interface, click here for Firmware prior to 6.0. Click here for 6.0 and newer.
  3. If you want to download new firmware and manually update using the router user interface, click here for Firmware prior to 6.0.  Click here for 6.0 and newer.
For more information contact your Cradlepoint Support Representative at +1.855.813.3385 (8 am to 8 pm EST), or email

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