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COR IBR350L-VZ Modem Firmware Update Notification

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COR IBR350L-VZ Modem Firmware Update Notification
April 15, 2016
What is it?
Cradlepoint has posted new L-VZ modem firmware, 01.00.05, and is a requirement for future network compatibility on Verizon’s network. The updated modem firmware package applies solely to the COR IBR350L-VZ router, which contains this affected modem.
Cradlepoint encourages customers to update their modem firmware as soon as possible to avoid potential issues that may occur. Please note that modem firmware is separate from router firmware.  
The most significant issue addressed in the 01.00.05 (G0.V.01.00.05R) modem firmware update is:
  • Addresses a critical issue where the modem cannot connect to Verizon’s network in areas where Verizon network technology updates have occurred. Original modem firmware is not compatible with Verizon’s newer network technology; this modem firmware update is required to maintain a connection with Verizon’s network today, and in the future.
Verizon network updates are underway, and should be substantially complete by end of May 2016.
Are My Devices Affected?
- All COR IBR350L-VZ routers are affected

Devices NOT Affected
- COR IBR350P2


PRIOR to updating your modem firmware, you may need to take extra action to ensure a seamless update:

  1. If you have a Verizon dynamic IP consumer SIM, no extra action is needed.
  2. If you have any other type of Verizon SIM account (such as static IP, private network, etc.), it is required to manually set the unique APN in the router PRIOR to starting the modem firmware upgrade process.
    1. Please follow the manual APN entry instructions per this KB article.
    2. In Step 8, enter the APN appropriate for your Verizon SIM / account.

Upgrading Modem Firmware
At Cradlepoint, protecting your network is our first priority.  As part of Cradlepoint’s firmware policy, customers always have the ability to implement bug fixes and patches by accessing firmware updates.
To upgrade your modem firmware:
  1. If you are utilizing Enterprise Cloud Manager, upgrading modem firmware is easy,  Click here
  2. For instructions on upgrading modem firmware using the Automatic Update capability in the router user interface, click here
  3. If you want to download new modem firmware and manually update using the router user interface, click here
    For more information contact your Cradlepoint Support Representative at 1.855.813.3385 (Toll Free) or +1.208.424.5054(Direct) 8 am to 8 pm EST, or for email support.
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