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Series 2: How to change the Wireless Channel of the CradlePoint router

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This article was written based on firmware version 2.0.0

The CradlePoint products that this article refers to are in the End of Life process, there will be no further firmware updates for any of these products.  All Knowledgebase articles related to these products have received their final update.  To view our current product line, please visit


Limited wireless range, WiMAX modem connection issues, Wi-Fi connection drops on a Series 2 CradlePoint router.


Possible radio interference on the Wi-Fi channel that CradlePoint router is broadcasting on.

  1. Log in to the administration pages of the CradlePoint router (how to log into Series 2 routers)
  2. Once you are logged in click on the BASIC tab.                                                           User-added image
  3. Click WIRELESS (WIFI) in the sub-menu on the left.                                                  User-added image
  4. In the box labeled Wireless (WIFI) Network Settings, un-check the box next to Enable Auto Channel Scan.     User-added image

  5. The Wireless Channel drop down will now allow you to select with channel you want the wireless radio to broadcast on. User-added image

  6. Scroll to the top of the page and click Save Settings.                                                 User-added image
  7. You will receive a warning from the CradlePoint router, click Ok.  This will cause your router to reboot.
You have successfully changed the Wireless Channel on the CradlePoint router.  Test your wireless network for possible improved performance.  If performance is not improved repeat these steps choosing a different Wi-Fi channel.

NOTE:  If changing the Wi-Fi channel to improve WiMAX 4G connection characteristics use channel 1 for best results.

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