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GPS Not Acquiring Valid GPS Coordinates After 2019 on LPE and LP3 Modems

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GPS Not Acquiring Valid GPS Coordinates After 2019 on LPE and LP3 Modems

Products Affected: All devices using an LPE or LP3 modem.

Must use NetCloud OS Version 6.2.0 or later to apply patch - for information on upgrading firmware, click here.

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Beginning in approximately April 2019 and beyond, the LPE and LP3 modems will not acquire valid GPS coordinates. The modem will need to be patched using the correct modem patch file. The modem patch files that will fix the GPS coordinate issue for each model are available on the following links: LPE model. LP3 model.


How to apply the patch through the Router UI

Configuration Difficulty: Beginner
  • Step 1: Download and save (do not open) the appropriate modem patch file to your computer.

    • Note: The modem patch files can be found by following the links in the Summary section.
  • Step 2: Log in to the router admin page (click here for help logging in) and navigate to System > System Control > Modem Firmware.

User-added image

  • Step 3: Choose the appropriate modem from the Select Modem drop-down list, then click the File button.

User-added image

  • Step 4: Click Select Firmware File to locate the file that was downloaded during step 1, then click Begin Firmware Update.
    • The router UI will provide the progress updates for every step. This process will take several minutes.
    • Note: the router will need to reboot to finish applying the modem firmware update.

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  • Note: There will be no visual indication that the modem has been patched.

How to install the patch remotely

Configuration Difficulty: Expert
Method 1 SCP:
  1. This method only works if the router has a WAN connection with a public routeable address (static SIM on modem, or non-private ethernet).
  2. Enable ssh on the router under System->Administration->Remote Admin->Allow Remote SSH Access.
  3. From a PC that has scp installed, run the following command: scp MC7354_GPS_Patch.mdm admin@:/mdm_fw_upgrade

    examples: scp MC7354_GPS_Patch.mdm admin@ 
              scp MC7304_GPS_Patch.mdm admin@
  4. If the file downloads and verifies correctly, the message “SUCCESS: Router will now install the new firmware on the modem.”

  5. This just means it is a valid file. The router will then terminate the scp connection and perform the update.
  6. Monitor the status log on the router to verify the upgrade completes successfully.
Method 2 URL push:
  1. Copy the firmware-mc7354-cp-CradlePoint.json and MC7354_GPS_Patch.mdm to a public facing web server. Note the path (ex: home/patch).
  2. Open firmware-mc7354-cp-CradlePoint.json in a text editor and modify the path next to “url” to be the path above (ex: “url”:”http://myserver/home/patch/MC7354_GPS_Patch.mdm“)
  3. Launch a terminal on the router via System->System Control->Device Options->Device Console
  4. cd status/wan/devices//remote_upgrade (ex: cd status/wan/devices/mdm-123456/remote_upgrade)
  5. set url “http://
Verify patch applied:
  1. Launch a terminal on the router via System->System Control->Device Options->Device Console
  2. Type: atterm
  3. Type the following command and hit enter: at!priid?
  4. Verify the correct revision in the response:
    7354: Revision 05.06
    7304: Revision 05.04
  5. Type ctrl-d to exit atterm.

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Published Date: 10/19/16

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