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Accessing Cradlepoint Support

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Accessing Cradlepoint Technical Services

Products Supported: All Products. Click here to identify your router.

NCOS Version: Any NCOS Version - for information on upgrading NCOS, click here.

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Accessing Cradlepoint Support

Advanced Support Options

Other Support Options


This document is intended to assist Cradlepoint customers in understanding how to engage Cradlepoint Global Service & Support

Accessing Cradlepoint Support

Cradlepoint offers a range of support options for its customers. All Cradlepoint customers have the Customer Connect Portal, and the Cradlepoint Knowledge Base at their disposal. If you are experiencing an issue with a Cradlepoint device, please try starting with the knowledge base as most issues are easily resolved with the help of an article.

  • Possibly need to replace a device? You can view our RMA Policy here and our Warranty here.  You can contact our support team at 1-855-813-3385 option 2.  Our support team will help determine if the device needs to be replaced or if there is a configuration issue.  If it is a configuration issue you will be given the option to purchase CradleCare to continue with live support, if it is a device issue, you will be issued an RMA per the RMA policy.

  • Knowledge Base: You can reach our Support Website via Once there you can view in-depth articles covering topics such as VRRP configuration, or something as simple as changing the default IP address of a device.

  • Cradelpoint Connect Portal: You can log into the Cradlepoint Connect Portal for access to NCOS updates, contacting Cradlepoint Support in regards to any device that is managed by NetCloud Manager, and other resources.
    • If you need assistance with the Customer Connect Portal, click here.

Advanced Support Options

In situations that are not easily solved by the knowledge base, or if you wish for assistance on any feature, feel free to contact Cradlepoint's Support team.

CradleCare is a purchasable support agreement which provides customers access to speak directly with a Cradlepoint engineer. The CradleCare FAQ can be found here to answer any questions you have about CradleCare, such as purchasing and pricing options.

Once a CradleCare agreement has been setup on a device, you will be granted access to speak with a live engineer via: Chat and/or Phone for that specific device.

Customer Technical Assistance Center Hours of operation:

North America
Monday - Friday 6 am - 6 pm Mountain Standard Time (MST).
Log in to Cradlepoint Connect Portal to open a case with Cradlepoint Support
Chat with Cradlepoint Support
Toll Free Number 1-855-813-3385

Monday - Friday 9 am - 9 pm Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
Log in to Cradlepoint Connect Portal to open a case with Cradlepoint Support
Chat with Cradlepoint Support
U.K. +44 800 808 5418
France +33 805 11 84 22
Germany +49 800 100 6818
Spain +34 900 809 092
South Africa+27 87 551 8088*

Monday - Friday 9 am - 9 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT).
Log in to Cradlepoint Connect Portal to open a case with Cradlepoint Support
Chat with Cradlepoint Support
Australia +61 1 800 861 525
New Zealand +64 80 045 3793
Japan +81 80 0080 7919
Singapore+65 800 852 6321

After-Hours: 24/7:

An After-Hours case is any instance where any enterprise class Cradlepoint device or service was previously installed and working properly, and is now down causing significant negative impact on your business.  Please consult you CradleCare Documentation for information on contacting After-Hours Support.

What to expect when contacting Cradlepoint:

For most issues, the customer service representatives will need to verify some basic information when calling, chatting, or emailing in. Please have the following information available:

  • Business or Account Name if known.
  • Model of the Device
  • Serial Number of the Device
  • MAC address of the Device
  • Current NCOS version
  • Internet source/s
  • Modem model/s

In cases where the device is not operating as expected, Cradlepoint will need as much information as possible to verify the issue. Items include:

  • Copy of the configuration file from the device and password.
  • Copy of the logs from the device.
  • Screen shots capturing the issue if possible, trace routes, pings, errors, etc.
  • A detailed network topology
  • Any other information relevant to the issue, such as 3rd party hardware, software, etc.


Other Support Options

  • Already engaged support and have an RMA number? Check the status by calling 1-855-813-3385 option 2

  • Need information on CradleCare? You can view information via the PDF here, and information via our website here.

  • ​General Information Please See The Support Page at

  • Need help with Cradlepoint Entitlements? Contact our Services team at

  • Need to check on an order? Contact our Orders team at or call 1-855-813-3385 option 3

  • Need to talk to someone in sales? Contact our Sales department at or call 1-855-813-3385 option 1

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Published Date: 10/15/2017

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