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Router does not power on, or turns on only when the power connector is wiggled

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TitleRouter does not power on, or turns on only when the power connector is wiggled
  • Router doesn't show any LED activity when plugged in
  • Device won't power on
  • LEDs never come on 
  • The device doesn't turn on
  • The Cradlepoint isn't working
  • Bad power cord
  1. Confirm the on/off switch on the unit is in the ON position
    • Note for CBA850: the switch is on the bottom of the unit and the (I) position indicates power is on
    • Note for IBR-series routers: these devices have sensors that check if the SIM door is open, and will prevent power-on until the SIM door is firmly closed
    • Note for IBR11x0: power button needs to be held for 5-6 seconds to trigger router start-up
  2. Try the power supply in a different, known-working outlet
  3. Try another router's known-working power supply with this Cradlepoint
  4. Try this router's original power supply with a different router
  5. If the router is being powered over PoE, check if a different device pulls any power on the same port with the same cable from the PoE source.
    • Try connecting with the power supply instead of PoE.
  6. Hold down the reset button for 45 seconds and see if the unit powers up afterward
  7. If the device does not show any activity despite having a good power supply and being turned on, verify whether it is still within warranty and contact Cradlepoint support for a potential replacement
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