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Router does not see the cellular modem because of modem firmware issues

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TitleRouter does not see the cellular modem because of modem firmware issues
  • Modem was recognized and successfully connected previously
  • Modem stuck in upgrading status
  • Router not detecting SIM cards
  • Modem keeps resetting
  • LTE modem randomly not available
  • The same router sees and connects with a different modem
  • A different known-working router also cannot see this modem
  • Modem sometimes appears but disappears again before connecting
  • Connection Manager shows the modem state as "Upgrade Mode"
  • Connection Manager shows a modem error "In upgrade mode - user intervention required."
  • Connection Manger does not show any modems
  • Logs may show messages like:
12:01:19 AM  [ WARNING] [  WAN:8bfaf2cb] Malformed image string: ['', '001.000_000'] for index PKG_INFO3 

12:02:03 AM  [    INFO] [  WAN:8bfaf2cb] Execute Event user intervention required: 10

12:02:03 AM  [    INFO] [  cp_stack_mgr] int1: LTE Modem preconfiguration failed - status:25

05:15:54 PM  [   ERROR] [ WAN:11eefec73] Modem is in upgrade mode but no upgrade process is running. User intervention required.

05:13:50 PM  [    INFO] [  cp_stack_mgr] int1: LTE Modem: plugged in update mode.


  • Internal MC400 modem module
  • Integrated MC400 modem module
  • Internal MC200 modem module
  • Router in a vehicle 
  • Router connected via a battery or temporary power source
  • Unknown power source, or suspected unstable power source
  1. Update the router NCOS if it is not currently at the latest version
  2. Take the SIM card out of the modem 
  3. If the modem shows up in the router's GUI, update or reload its firmware
  4. After the update completes, reinsert the SIM card and allow the modem some time to reconnect
  5. Ensure the router has a stable and clean power connection to avoid the recurrence of the problem in the future
There's a very narrow window during which the modem is unable to gracefully shut down. If power is cut to the modem during this time, it may cause a corruption of the modem's memory. Devices that are frequently suddenly powered off, installed in vehicles, or powered off batteries / backup generators are more likely to experience power interruptions, increasing the chance of running into this problem. 

Additional Information
Note: If the modem still does not reappear or continues sitting in "upgrade mode" after the router NCOS and modem firmware are updated, please contact the Cradlepoint support team for further assistance: How can I get an RMA replacement?



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