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How can I get an RMA replacement?

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TitleHow can I get an RMA replacement?
  • What do I need to get a replacement device?
  • My router might be broken - what can I do to test it?
  • Can I exchange my defective router?
  • What information needs to be submitted to obtain an RMA?
  • Are there any requirements for getting a replacement?
  1. Go through the generic and issue-specific troubleshooting suggestions in the Additional Information section of this article
  2. Verify the router has a NetCloud Solution Package, Warranty extension, or a CradleCare support agreement associated with it
    • If the router doesn't have any entitlements, but was purchased within the last 1 year, please locate the corresponding PO or purchase receipt
  3. Open a new support case: Accessing Cradlepoint Support
  4. Provide the following information:
    • Detailed description of how the problem presents itself (symptoms, how often, etc)
    • Description of what led to problem occurring, if known (firmware update, router moved to new location, etc)
    • Results of the troubleshooting attempts (see Additional Information below)
    • Router Support Log: How to save a router Support Log
    • Photos if there is visible hardware damage
    • Screenshots of the errors / incorrect behavior if it is visible in the UI
    • Router model, including modem and carrier designations if any (i.e. IBR1100LPE-VZ)
    • Router MAC (i.e. 0030441ab2cd)
    • Router serial number (i.e. MM180123456789)
    • Router NCOS or firmware version
    • Modem IMEI
    • Modem firmware version
    • Shipping address where the replacement device would need to be sent to
    • PO or purchase receipt if the router doesn't have any support entitlements
  5. Support team will review the provided information and will reach out to you to provide additional assistance
  6. If the product is deemed defective/failed, a replacement RMA will be processed as long as the product is still within the Cradlepoint Warranty.
Additional Information
  • In many cases, the issue stems from a misconfiguration or NCOS corruption, and can be quickly resolved without replacing the device.
  • The following steps are required, but not limited to, to verify that the Cradlepoint product is indeed defective or has suffered a hardware failure and needs to be replaced.
  • Cradlepoint will not issue an RMA without going through basic troubleshooting to verify the device operation.

Any Issue:

  1. Inspect the LED indicators (lights) on the router:
  2. Review the router logs:
  3. Review the configuration from the router.
  4. Update router NCOS:
  5. Peform the extended hardware reset: How to do an extended factory reset

Power or Stability Issues:

  1. Router does not power on
  2. Troubleshooting router reboots
  3. How to troubleshoot router lock ups and reboots

Ethernet Port(s) Not Working:

  1. Troubleshooting Ethernet Connectivity Issues

Cellular Modem Does Not Connect:

  1. Router does not see the cellular modem because of modem firmware issues
  2. Cellular modem is not detected because of a modem plug issue
  3. Review the error message in the Connection Manager when the device attempts to connect

Physical Damage:

  1. SIM door sensor damaged during SIM installation
  2. Receiving a NO SIM error because of a production-caused issue with the SIM slot thickness
  3. Antenna Connector Broke Off
  4. Note: Customer damage and acts of nature are not covered by the warranty. Cradlepoint may replace the device only:
    • If the device has not been deployed and the damage is out of the box
    • If the product “broke” through acceptable usage during deployment

Firmware Does Not Update:




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