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How Can I Improve My Signal Strength?

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TitleHow Can I Improve My Signal Strength?
How can I improve my Cradlepoint's cellular signal strength? 
If your signal values are below the required minimum values, you can try some of the suggestions listed below to improve your connection:
  • Make sure your antennas are attached to the AUX and Main ports on the Cradlepoint.
  • ​Move the router/modem to a side of the building that faces the carrier's cellular tower.
  • Move the router/modem to a higher point in the building, second floor, on top of tall cabinets, etc.
  • Try and position the Cradlepoint near a window.
  • Do not place the router/modem near any electrical devices, wiring, or radio devices.
  • Use a 6 to 10ft. good quality USB extension cable between the modem and router
  • Watch your signal strength on Status>Internet>Connections in the Cradlepoint, and compare it in different rooms.  Use this information to figure out where your signal is best. 

If you go through these steps and you're still experiencing interference issues, you may want to look into external antennas.  To view our antenna purchasing/installing guide, click here
Additional Information

If you're experiencing slow internet speeds on your Cradlepoint, often times cellular interference is the cause.  Low signal strength and high signal interference can cause a cellular modem to provide only intermittent connectivity or slow connection speeds. For more information, take a look at these knowledgebase articles:



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