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NCOS: Effectively utilizing 2-SIM modems

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Effectively utilizing 2-SIM modems

Products Supported: all Cradlepoint modem / modem router integrated models with 2 SIM slots. Click here to identify your router.


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This article will describe what can and cannot be done with 2-SIM modems so that you may effectively utilize them in your network.


The Cradlepoint modems and routers with built-in modems listed below are equipped with 2 SIM card slots that can be used with a provisioned SIM card from compatible cellular carrier(s):

  • MC400 - all models
  • IBR600 - select models, except NM
  • IBR350 - select models
  • IBR1100 - all models
  • IBR1150 - all models
  • AER1600- all models, except NM

Two SIM modems may look as such:







Use Cases

What will a dual-SIM modem do?

  • Can support SIMs of different carriers. This allows the carrier to be switched remotely and/or on the fly. LP6 modems can switch carriers automatically, all other models see Carrier Switching. 
  • Can support different WAN interface profiles per SIM slot, allowing the router to set different configurations for each as if it were another interface entirely. This is particularly useful when the SIMs are different carriers. 
  • Can support SIMs of multiple data plans. This can be used with a data usage rule set to "Shut down WAN on cap", so that it will failover to the next SIM once the data is expended on the first.

What will a dual-SIM modem NOT do?

Because these are dual SIMs on the same modem, and not dual modems, dual SIM modems cannot:

  • Cannot provide two simultaneous connections or be bonded


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Published Date: 07/14/2017

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