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How to achieve the quickest failover time for a primary wan connection

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TitleHow to achieve the quickest failover time for a primary wan connection
  • Reduce failover times
  • Speed up how quickly secondary interface starts passing traffic on after primary interface fails
  • Cradlepoint is the device performing failover
  • Multiple WAN connections
  1. Upgrade your NCOS to 6.5.0 or later: How to update NCOS from NetCloud Manager
  2. Edit the router's configuration
  3. Go to Connection Manager tab
  4. Adjust WAN Verify settings on the primary WAN interface: NCOS: 6.5 WAN Verify
    • Set the WAN verify mode to active ping
    • Google's DNS server ( is often used as the target IP
    • Reduce the retry interval to 1 second
    • Reduce the retry count to 1
    • Reduce the idle check interval to 2 seconds
  5. Set the secondary WAN interface to Standby connection state: NCOS: How to Configure Default Connection State on a Cradlepoint Router

Additional Information
  • These settings will make the Cradlepoint check for an active connection every 2 seconds and spend 1 second trying a second time. After that, failover will occur to the secondary connection.
  • Performing these steps increases the chances of failing over for a false positive state of the WAN being down. If your connection is experiencing brief loss or intermittent connectivity, your Cradlepoint will failover and it will then fail back to the primary connection based on your failback rules of the secondary WAN (this is usually an LTE modem).
  • It is possible to reduce the failover time of the primary WAN connection to a much lower time since the release of 6.5.0. Failover can be reduced to ~4 seconds after configuration.
  • CBA850: The default routing mode of the CBA850 is IP passthrough, which relies on the client device to renew its DHCP lease whenever failover occurs. It's possible to further reduce failover times by switching the 850's routing mode to NAT, so the client device never has to switch its IP. (However, it will be permanently NATed in this case.)



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