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How to install the SIM card for the MBR1200B
How To - Last Published Date:  May 18, 2018
Can my MBR1200B use IP Passthrough?
Q&A - Last Published Date:  August 13, 2018
Can MBR1200B be configured to tag VLAN traffic?
Q&A - Last Published Date:  August 10, 2018
Series 3: Firmware Release Notes firmware v3.6.3 through v5.0.0
Support - Last Published Date:  July 19, 2018
This article shows the feature changes, bug fixes, and feature additions for all Series 3 Cradlepoint firmware from version 3.6.3 to 5.0.0
Configure Port Forwarding on a Cradlepoint router
Support - Last Published Date:  August 25, 2017
The following article explains how to open ports using Series 3 Cradlepoint routers. Product tags: CTR35, CBR400, CBR450, IBR600, IBR650, MBR95, MBR1200B, MBR1400.
Netgear 341U Modem Support
Support - Last Published Date:  November 6, 2017
This article describes different levels of compatibility of the Netgear 341U (Sprint) cellular USB modem. Tags: MBR95, Netgear 341U, Sprint 341U, MBR95 Netgear.
Change the LAN/WAN Ethernet Port Mode of a Cradlepoint with Multiple Ethernet Ports
Support - Last Published Date:  April 25, 2018
This article provides instructions of how to change the ethernet port mode on the AER2100, MBR1400, MBR1200B, IBR600, IBR650.
How to Diagnose Modem Connection Issues
Support - Last Published Date:  September 14, 2017
This article describes scenarios that may cause a cellular connection to drop and how to resolve these issues.
OpenSSL "heartbleed" Vulnerability
Support - Last Published Date:  November 6, 2017
The article describes a recently identified vulnerability nicknamed "heartbleed" in OpenSSL 1.0.1 through 1.0.1f.
NCOS: VPN Quick Start Guide for Capable Cradlepoint Products
Support - Last Published Date:  July 13, 2018
VPN Overview and Examples for a variety of endpoint options
Configuration of Failover and Failback
Support - Last Published Date:  August 25, 2017
This article describes how to configure the failover and failback features of a Series 3 Cradlepoint router. Product Tags: CTR35, CBR400, CBR450, IBR600, IBR650, MBR95, MBR1200B, MBR1400.
Security Update: WPA and WPA2 Vulnerabilities (KRACK)
Support - Last Published Date:  October 31, 2017
A WiFi authentication issue/vulnerability has been published that affects WPA and WPA2 authentication. This security vulnerability is in an industry standard protocol (WPA/WPA2) which Cradlepoint and most, if not all Wi-Fi devices use.