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Series 2: Wi-Fi light not lit on the CTR500

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This article was written based on the 2.0.0 Firmware.

The CradlePoint products that this article refers to are in the End of Life process, there will be no further firmware updates for any of these products.  All Knowledgebase articles related to these products have received their final update.  To view our current product line, please visit


The CradlePoint CTR500's WiFi light normally remains lit whenever the router is broadcasting a wireless network.  If you are unable to see the CTR500's wireless network from any wireless device performing a site survey, take a look at the router's "WiFi" LED.

User-added image


If this LED is not lit, this means that the CTR500's wireless radio is not broadcasting a wireless network.  There are two common reasons this light may not be lit.  If you would like to connect wireless devices to the CradlePoint CTR500 but this light is not lit, follow these steps.
  1. The CradlePoint CTR500 has a small switch on its side for turning the wireless radio on or off.  Make sure this switch is set to | (line) to enable wireless.  
  2. If moving this switch to | does not make the WiFi LED light up, it is likely that the wireless radio has also been disabled from inside the router's admin console.  You will need to connect to the CradlePoint using an Ethernet cable.User-added image
  3. Log into the CTR500's admin console (at by default).
  4. Click BASIC in the red bar and then WIRELESS (WI-FI) in the left column. User-added image
  5. Place a check mark next to Enable Wireless Radio.  Click Save Settings to save your changes, then click Reboot Now.
After making this change, the CradlePoint's wireless LED should be lit and nearby computers should be able to see the CTR500's SSID when performing a site survey.


If the wireless LED still fails to light up after making this change, perform a factory reset of the CTR500 by following these directions: Series 1 & 2: Factory Reset your CradlePoint Router.

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