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Training Portal - Network Settings

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Network Settings

Content Filtering

Product Manual - Content Filtering

Configuring a CradlePoint router with multiple content filter instances

How to configure OpenDNS content filtering

ZScaler cloud-based content filtering and security


DHCP Server

Product Manual - DHCP Server

How to change the DHCP range

How to set up a DHCP reservation

Setting IPv4 DHCP custom options



Product Manual - DNS

How to manually set the DNS servers

How to setup dynamic DNS (DynDNS)

How to configure DNS host names

Troubleshooting DNS Configuration



Product Manual - Firewall

How to configure port forwarding

How to configure IP Filter Rules

How to configure DMZ


MAC Filter / Logging

Product Manual - MAC Filter / Logging

How to configure MAC filtering



Product Manual - Routing


Routing Protocols

Product Manual - Routing Protocols

Product Manual - Status - Routing


Threat Management

Product Manual - Threat Management

Configuring Threat Management IPS/IDS


WiFi / Local Networks

Product Manual - WiFi / Local Networks

Product Manual - WiFi Settings

How to setup WiFi security

How to maximize WiFi range

How to configure dual band WiFi on the AER2100

How to change WiFi channels

How to configure multiple wireless networks (SSIDs)

How to set wireless network (SSID) as hidden

How to configure 802.11ac WiFi

How to change the LAN IP address

How to configure multiple IP networks

How to enable the guest LAN

How to set a schedule for a network

How to change ethernet port modes (WAN/LAN)

How to configure 802.1q VLANs and trunks

How to configure IP Passthrough

How to configure DHCP Relay

CBA750B Best Practices and Golden Config


WiPipe QoS

Product Manual - WiPipe QoS

Product Manual - Status - WiPipe QoS

Using QoS to limit client bandwidth


Threat Management


Product Manual - Threat Management

Configuring Threat Management IPS/IDS


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