Preparing to Migrate from WiPipe Central (WPC) to Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM)

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Preparing to Migrate from WiPipe Central (WPC) to Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM)

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ECM Compatibility List

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This article identifies best practices for migrating from the WiPipe Central (WPC) platform to Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) with as little disruption to connectivity as possible.


  1. Active WiPipe Central (WPC) account
  2. Managed devices enrolled in Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM)


Inventory Devices

First determine how many managed devices, listed by model number, are currently deployed.

Determine Compatibility

Not all Cradlepoint products support ECM. Compare the list of model numbers to the ECM Compatibility list, click here

Remove Unused Devices From WiPipe

WPC does not automatically remove device when they are no longer in use. If a router was replaced with new hardware, the old device may still be listed in WPC. Carefully review the groups and devices in WPC and remove any entries that are no longer used, or move the unused entries to a group that will not be migrated.

Upgrade Device Firmware

This is the most critical part of preparing to migrate to ECM. In order for devices to communicate with ECM the recommended firmware version is 4.4.0. Any device running 1.x or 2.x firmware cannot be upgraded to support ECM; support of these legacy devices is still in development. To avoid any configuration settings loss, firmware versions prior to 4.2.1 should be upgraded in a "stair-stepping" method as described in Upgrading Router Firmware for ECM-Compatibility.

To determine the router firmware version before installing a router see: Check Firmware Version on a Series 3 Cradlepoint

Once all devices are running ECM-compatible firmware, the next step is to migrate groups: WPC-to-ECM-Migration-Groups

Additional questions about the migration process can be directed to the WPC to ECM Migration Coordinator at

ECM Compatibility List

Series 3 - Ready for ECM-compatible firmware

ModelECM SupportECM UpdatesLegacy SupportWiPipeNotes
CBA750BYesYes YesSupports FW 4.4.0+
CTR35NoNo YesEnd of Life
IBR600YesYes YesSupports FW 4.4.0+
IBR650YesYes YesSupports FW 4.4.0+
MBR1200BYesYes YesSupports FW 4.4.0+
MBR1400YesYes YesEnd of Life
CBR400YesNo YesEnd of Life
CBR450YesNo YesEnd of Life
MBR95NoNo YesEnd of Life
AER3100YesYes YesSupports FW 4.4.0+
AER3150YesYes YesSupports FW 4.4.0+
AER2100YesYes YesSupports FW 4.4.0+
AER2150YesYes YesSupports FW 4.4.0+
AER1600YesYes YesSupports FW 4.4.0+
AER1650YesYes YesSupports FW 4.4.0+
CBA850YesYes YesSupports FW 4.4.0+
IBR1100YesYes YesSupports FW 4.4.0+
IBR1150YesYes YesSupports FW 4.4.0+
IBR600YesYes YesSupports FW 4.4.0+
IBR650YesYes YesSupports FW 4.4.0+
IBR350YesYes YesSupports FW 4.4.0+

Series 2 - Not all ECM features will be supported

ModelECM SupportECM UpdatesLegacy SupportWiPipeNotes
CBA250  YesYesEnd of Life
CBA750  YesYesEnd of Life
CTR500  YesYesEnd of Life
MBR90  NoYesEnd of Life
MBR800  YesYesEnd of Life
MBR900  NoYesEnd of Life
MBR1000  YesYesEnd of Life
MBR1100  NoYesEnd of Life
MBR1200  YesYesEnd of Life
CTR350  NoNoEnd of Life
PHS300  NoNoEnd of Life
PHS300CW  NoNoEnd of Life
PHS300S  NoNoEnd of Life

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Published Date: 11/6/2015

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