NetCloud: Configure NetCloud Manager GeoView and Geo-fence

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Cradlepoint NetCloud: Configure NetCloud Manager GeoView and Geo-fence Location Services

Products Supported: Series 3 Routers and NetCloud Engine. Click here to identify your router.

Firmware Version: All - for information on upgrading firmware, click here.

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Cradlepoint offers Geo-location Services on Series 3 routers that support a GPS and Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) and/or NetCloud Engine Prime. However, an actual GPS location is not required to enable Cradlepoint Location Services, as the device's location can be set manually. In addition this service allows the user to configure a Geo-fence around a Cradlepoint device's location via ECM, and to then be alerted if that device leaves the specified location.

Note: If you do plan on using GPS to determine the Cradlepoint router's location, your modem and carrier must support GPS.
Note: This feature requires NetCloud Engine or Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) Prime,if you have not subscribed to NetCloud Engine or ECM Prime, click here.


Configuration Difficulty: Novice
Note:For instructions of how to enable GPS on firmware version 6.0 and newer, click here..
Note:For older firmware versions click here
Note:You do not need to configure a client or server per the given link, just simply enable the GPS feature.
  • Step 1: The GPS feature must be Enabled in your capable Cradlepoint Router. Log into your Cradlepoint NetCloud account
  • Step 2: From the Devices screen, Select your device by clicking on the device name.
    User-added image
  • Step 3: From the Device Dashboard, enable Location Services by checking the check box above the map.
    User-added image

Note: Once ECM has received the location from the Cradlepoint, the map will populate with the location as well as other information about the router such as; Firmware version, model number, name, and WAN status.

User-added image
Note: The GeoView tab in Dashboard will display the location data for all of the devices enabled in the Account on one map.

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Now that your Cradlepoint router is configured for GeoView you can log into your ECM Prime account to view and/or configure the Geo-fence.

  • Step 1: Click the Devices tab on the left. From here Click on your device's Name. This will take you to the Dashboard for that device, displaying a map, the location of the device, and its Geo-fence if configured.
    User-added image
  • Step 2: To jump to the device, Click on the Center Map on Device icon from the top right, (number 1).
  • Step 3: To set/change the Geo-fence, Click the Geo-fence icon from the top right, (number 2). From here you can set the location of the Geo-fence, as well as the radius of the Geo-fence (in meters). You can also click on Configure Geo-fence Alerts, to have alerts sent if the Cradlepoint exits the Geo-fence. Click here for instructions on configuring Alerts.
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  • Step 4: To manually change or set the physical location of the device Click the Settings icon from the top right, (number 3). Enter the address and Click Save. Optionally you can have ECM pull the actual location via the device's GPS Signal.
    User-added image



If the Cradlepoint does not have a GPS fix it will not be able to obtain its location. Make sure the GPS antenna is connected, and check the cabling for issues.
Note: The Cradlepoint needs to be able to see at least three satellites in order to obtain a fix.

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Published Date: 10/11/2015

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