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NetCloud Engine (Formerly Pertino) : 3 Steps to Extend your Windows Domain to your Remote Users

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NetCloud Engine (Formerly Pertino) : 3 Steps to Extend your Windows Domain to your Remote Users

Products Supported: NetCloud Engine

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Now that we’ve built an offsite AD Controller for backup and replication, let’s use ADConnect to extend our Windows domain to remote users. This how-to will show you how to use NetCloud Engine to connect remote users to your AD domain. Your remote computers will be connected to your AD domain just like LAN connected machines. Remote users will be able to perform functions such as receiving Group Policy, reset user passwords, and pass-through authentication to domain services just as if they were connected to your local LAN.

Configuration Difficulty: Intermediate

Download and install NetCloud Engine

Download and install NetCloud Engine on your remote computer by visiting the Download NetCloud Client page.


You can add the remote user to your NetCloud Engine network via the NetCloud user interface.

Log into and navigate to Users.

     User-added image

In the Users page click the "Invite a user" User-added image button.      

  • On the Invite Users page fill out the First Name, Last Name, Email Address text boxes and press Save. 

     User-added image


Verify your Network

Once NetCloud Engine is successfully installed on the remote computer, confirm that it is online and connected to the correct network.

  • Navigate to the Devices page

       User-added image

  • Review devices assigned to the user.

       User-added image


The next time the user reboots, the user will be connected to your AD domain and will log on directly to the server. They will now get group policy, pass-through auth to all your domain resources, and password reset prompts. All client side functions (like password reset) will sync to the AD Controller.

That’s it. You have successfully configured AD Connect and used it to manage remote users.

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Published Date: 8/29/16

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