NCOS: Formatting Persistent Memory

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NCOS: Formatting Persistent Memory

Products Supported: AER16x0, AER31x0, CBA850, IBR9x0, IBR6x0b, IBR11x0, IBR350. Click here to identify your router.

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Potential Symptoms

Troubleshooting & Implementation

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There is a feature implemented in 6.3.0 to format the flash memory of a supported router.

This button will only appear in the NetCloud OS if an issue is detected with the flash memory.

Potential Symptoms

  • If the NetCloud Client gets stuck during its installation with the NetCloud Client Status icon showing a grey circle with three dots
  • If you are using CP Secure Threat Management and you have to re-download the rules after every reboot

Troubleshooting & Implementation


You can verify the status of the filesystem by running the following CLI command:

get /state/system/admin/filesystem

The output should look like this:
User-added image

  • Note*: If any of these values are non-zero, a button will appear in the Admin Pages that will format the flash memory


If there is a problem with the filesystem a "Format Persistent Memory" button will appear under System > System Control > Device Options.

If you are wanting to accomplish this from the CLI instead of the NetCloud OS, you can use the following command:

set /control/system/format_persistent_storage 1
  • Note*: This will erase any data being stored on the flash (certificates, NetCloud Client, SDK apps, IPS rules)

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Published Date: 07/14/2017

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