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NCOS: 6.3.1 Patch Notification

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Firmware 6.3.1 Patch Notification

March 8th, 2017

What is it?
Cradlepoint is issuing a Firmware patch that will be included in NCOS 6.3.1.  This release will be available on Tuesday, 14 March.
An issue was found in NCOS 6.3.0 for customers configured for private networking using Network Mobility (NEMO).  Therefore, Firmware 6.3.0 has been deprecated and a patched version FW 6.3.1 will be available March 14, via Enterprise Cloud Manager, Connect Portal, or Auto-update from the router UI.
The only change in NCOS 6.3.1 from NCOS 6.3.0 is the fix for the NEMO functionality.  There are no additional changes.
Are my devices affected?
All currently supported products on 6.3.0 that are using the Network Mobility (NEMO/DMNR) feature are affected. 
Products that support 6.3.0 are:
Devices that have already been upgraded to NCOS 6.3.0 can remain, but upgrading to 6.3.1 is advised. 
Not Affected
  • The CBA850 and MBR1200B do not support NEMO/DNMR.  They are being included in the 6.3.1 release because the 6.3.0 NCOS will be deprecated

Mitigation Steps: what actions do I take?
- If you are on a NCOS version prior to 6.3.0, wait for 6.3.1 to upgrade.

- If you have already updated to 6.3.0 and do not use NEMO/DMNR, upgrade to 6.3.1 at your earliest convenience on or after March 14, 2017.

- If you have already updated to 6.3.0 and use NEMO/DMNR, please do the following:
  • To make NEMO/DMNR work while you are waiting for the 6.3.1 release, you can disable and then re-enable NEMO from NCM or the local router interface and it will run until the next router reboot.  Then upgrade to 6.3.1 at your earliest convenience.
  • DO NOT downgrade your router to an earlier release without performing a Factory Reset or your router will go off line.
Upgrading to New Firmware
At Cradlepoint, protecting your network is our first priority.
To upgrade your firmware  
  1. For instructions on upgrading NCOS using NetCloud Manager, click here
  2. For instructions on upgrading NCOS using the Automatic Update capability in the router user interface, click here
  3. If you want to download new NCOS and manually update using the router user interface, click here
For more information, contact your Cradlepoint Support Representative at +1.855.813.3385 (8 am to 8 pm EST), or email



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