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NetCloud Manager NCOS Update Port Change

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Port configuration change for NCOS updates through NetCloud Manager (NCM)  

Second notice

September 22, 2015  

On September 25th, Cradlepoint will change router and modem firmware updates originated by NetCloud Manager (NCM) for series 3 devices to the HTTPS protocol for browser communications instead of HTTP.
Customers will need to ensure firewall port 443 (HTTPS) is open as Series 3 device updates will use HTTPS (port 443) rather than HTTP (port 80). Please read below to determine if you are affected or forward this communication to appropriate personnel. NCM users will not notice any changes in performance due to the change.
Who is NOT affected
  • Customers with HTTPS port 443 open in their firewall for router traffic are not affected.
  • The Cradlepoint MBR95, CTR35, CBR400, CBR450 and all Series 1 and 2 devices are not affected.
  • Click here for lists of Series 1,2 and 3 devices
Who IS affected
  • Customers with Series 3 devices in NCM who do not have HTTPS port 443 open in their firewall for router traffic are affected.
If you are affected For more information contact your Cradlepoint Support Representative:
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