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NetCloud Engine (formerly Pertino):Can I add a device that belongs to a different NetCloud Engine account?

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NetCloud Engine (formerly Pertino): Adding a Device That Belongs to a Different NetCloud Engine Account

Products Supported: NetCloud Engine

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This article describes the steps necessary to move a device currently in one NetCloud Engine network to a different NetCloud Engine network.


Configuration Difficulty: Beginner
  • Step 1: Select the "I Want To" button at the top right of the screen and then select the "Invite a Person" option from the popup menu.
User-added image
  • Step 1b: Add/invite a user that already has a NetCloud Engine network by putting in their name and email address.
User-added image
  • Step 2: Once you invite the user, they will receive an email and popup message on the NetCloud Engine Management console ( to accept.

  • Step 3: Once the user accepts the invite, they would then be able to list the network they were invited from either the NetCloud Engine tray icon or the management interface by selecting the device in DeviceView and then select the option to Switch Networks.
User-added image
  • ​Step 3b: Select the current network at the top right of the Management console and select the network you want to switch to from the menu.                     User-added image
​​User-added image

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Published Date: 2/26/16

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