NetCloud Client: Changing the Interface Binding Order on Windows 10 Computers

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NetCloud Client: Changing the Interface Binding Order on Windows 10 Computers

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When using ADConnect, NetCloud Client configures the virtual interface with the defined DNS server(s). Since NetCloud Client is usually the last interface installed, it gets put on the top of the list in the interface binding order. In Microsoft, this tends to be the first interface it looks at when determining which DNS server it will use for DNS look ups. This is normally OK but if you have a split DNS for a host that would resolve both publicly and privately (For example MS Exchange/Outlook Anywhere), this would cause problems resolving it properly.

In the case of Outlook Anywhere for remote users, using MS Outlook to connect to MS Exchange via the internet, the name of the server needs to resolve to public IP. If it were resolved internally it would get a private IP. When using ADConnect, the DNS query would go through the NetCloud Client tunnel and directly to the internal DNS server. This is a problem if NetCloud Client was not running on MS Exchange as it would not be able to connect to the server. (You could decide to install NetCloud Client on MS Exchange but then there wouldn't be a reason to use Outlook Anywhere).

The easiest way to resolve this problem is to change the binding order on the remote computer by moving the NetCloud Client interface lower than the active LAN interface. This way it will be able to resolve the public IP using the LAN configured DNS.

First you need to identify your adapter:

  • Open Windows Powershell as an Administrator
  • Type Get-NetIPInterface | findstr "Pertino Ethernet" to identify both your Primary LAN adapter and the NetCloud Client Adapter. The left-most number is your InterfaceIndex number and the right-most number is your InterfaceMetric.
  • If the InterfaceMetric of the NetCloud Client Adapter is a lower number than the Primary LAN Adapter, then this is most likely the cause of the issue above. In this example, the InteraceMetric of the NetCloud Client VPN Adapter is 8 compared to the Primary LAN's 9, meaning the NetCloud Perimeter Adapter is a higher priority.
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You can resolve this in Windows 10, however it is done differently than previous versions of Windows. To accomplish this, you will need to do the following:

  • Open Windows Powershell as an Administrator
  • In this example, you would then type: Set-NetIPInterface -InterfaceIndex 16 -InterfaceMetric 20 - This will make the Primary LAN adapter higher priority.
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Published Date: 07/14/2017

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