Product End of Life (EOL) Policy Guidelines - International Version

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Cradlepoint Product End of Life (EOL) Policy Guidelines
International Version


Cradlepoint products go through a defined product lifecycle and eventually reach their end of life (“EOL” or “End-of-Life”).  Products may enter the End-of-Life process for a variety of reasons, including: availability of newer, more technologically advanced products, market demand or component availability.  We have established our end-of-life policy to help customers manage their product end-of-life transitions and understand migration paths to current Cradlepoint products and services.

Any products to be discontinued will be announced as End-of-Life and identified on the Cradlepoint web site up to six months prior to the discontinuation and End-of-Sale date.  On the End-of-Sale date, discontinued products are removed from the price list and are no longer available for purchase. 

Hardware Support

  • For Product Warranty terms, see your product documentation.
  • For Customers with continuous coverage under certain Extended Warranty options, hardware warranty coverage can be extended to a maximum of 5 years from the original product purchase date.

Firmware Support

Generally during the product Warranty Period, Cradlepoint will, at its sole discretion, provide maintenance releases, work-arounds, or patches for criticial bugs ("Firmware Updates") reported to, and confirmed by, our Technical Assistance Center (TAC).

International Customers should seek support from their Authorized Cradlepoint Partner, or Authorized Regional Distributor.  These Partners can escalate to Cradlepoint TAC when necessary.

Cradlepoint will provide Firmware Updates and Upgrades, as available, through Last FW Release date (Generally 1-year from the End-of-Sale date).
  • After Last FW Release Date, Cradlepoint may, at its option, address critical bugs reported via TAC.

Technical Support

Cradlepoint typically provides support for an EOL product for a period of five (5) years after the End-of-Sale date.  If the discontinued product is not available for replacement or repair of an in-warranty, or Extended Warranty return, Cradlepoint reserves the right to replace the discontinued product with functionally equivalent hardware.


  • End-of-Life Announcement: Advance notification of the date the official End-of-Sale date notice will be posted.
  • End-of-Sale Date: The last date to order the product through Cradlepoint Channel Partners.  After this date, the product is "discontinued".  The product will be removed from the price list and is no longer available for sale.
  • Last Firmware ("FW") Release Date: Last date firmware will be updated.
    • Firmware: means Cradlepoint's proprietary software embedded in or otherwise running on a Cradlepoint hardware product.
    • Firmware Upgrades: New Firmware Releases that contain new features and functionality.
  • End-of-Support Date: The last date a product will be supported by Cradlepoint.  Product becomes obsolete.

These Policy Guidelines are subject to change by Cradlepoint without notice.

Official End-of-Life Milestones by Product (MM/DD/YYYY)

Part NumberEnd-of-Life  Announce-ment End-of-Sale Date Last FW Release DateEnd-of-Support Date1Recommended Replacement Product
IBR650P-INTL 4/28/20156/30/201506/30/201626/30/2020IBR650NM-INTL
IBR600LP2-EU-PWD12/31/201412/31/201406/30/201623/1/2019 NA
CBA750LP (Generic)5/1/20135/31/20134/2/20145/31/2018CBA850LP3-EU
Note:     Extended Hardware Warranty is limited to 5 years from original Hardware purchase date.
Note 1:  Extended Warranty support requires active, fully paid Extended Warranty subscription. Extended Warranty cannot extend beyond the End-of-Support Date. 
Note 2:  Target “Last Release Date” for firmware that is fully tested for this product.  Once this final firmware version is released, the table above will be updated with the actual release date.
Note 3:  Accessories (cables, antennas, etc)
Note 4:  Part number 170558-000 includes 3 antennas, The recommended replacement is only a single antenna, need to purchase 3 to be equivalent.

Published Date:  02/09/2017

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