ECM: Modem Data Usage Analytics

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ECM: Modem Data Usage Analytics

Products Supported: All Series 3 Devices - Click here to identify your router.

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View Data Usage Analytics on the Dashboard

Data Usage Analytic Charts and Tools


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This article describes the process of enabling modem Data Usage Analytics through Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM).  *Note: This functionality is not available for Series 2 devices in ECM.  Click here to identify your router.*

Data usage information is initially tracked within the routers, and then sent to ECM at specified intervals. 

  • Analyze metered LTE data usage based on billing cycle and pooled data plans to:
    • Avoid overages
    • Detect anomalies
    • Understand network trends 
    • Optimize costs
  • Visualize, compare, and optimize carrier data usage and costs across multiple carriers in a single pane of glass
  • Alert and analyze LTE data usage based on devices in pooled/grouped data plans
  • Predict carrier metered data usage during billing cycle and alert to avoid overage charges. 
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Note: There is a potential for some loss of data between the router and ECM if, for example, the router reboots before sending a usage sample. The data usage numbers in ECM are strictly estimates and are dependent on information provided by the modem through the router: these may not match the carrier numbers. The carrier is the final authority for billing purposes.


View Data Usage Analytics through the Dashboard

Configuration Difficulty: Beginner

With ECM it is possible review modem data usage at a glance, both on the group level and for each individual router.

  • To view data usage Analytic charts and tools from all modem interfaces attached to routers registered under your account, log into your ECM account, and click on the Dashboard tab in the menu on the left.
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  • Next click on the "Modem Usage" tab
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Data Usage Analytic Charts and Tools

  • The "Connected Modem Count by Home Carrier" pie chart displays the number of carriers devices proportionately 
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  • The "Data Usage by Carrier" Tool displays the Data Limit, Data Used, and the percentage of the Data Limit consumed
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  • The "Carrier Data Usage by Day" bar chart displays data usage consumed by carrier per day
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  • Note: Define carrier using the drop-down box
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  • The "Group Data Usage by Carrier" tool displays data usage by Group 
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  • The "Device Data Usage by Carrier" tools displays data usage by Device
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There are No Data Usage Statistics Displayed

If you are running a report, or viewing data usage on the Dashboard, and there is nothing displayed, please check the following:

  • Data Usage Reporting might be disabled for the group
  • The modem might not be reporting any usage
    • The WAN connection could be completely unused for the selected time period
    • The modem is disconnected and is not sending data usage statistics to ECM

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Published Date: 07/13/2016

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