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IBR1700 WiFi Radio Setup

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TitleIBR1700 WiFi Radio Setup

IBR1700 WiFi Radio Setup and Best Practices

Products Supported: IBR1700. Click here to identify your router.

Firmware Version: 6.5.1 - for information on upgrading firmware, click here.

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The IBR1700 has a total of 6 different WiFi antenna ports.  These ports can be used by the Cradlepoint in a variety of different modes to ensure you get the best WiFi coverage possible.  This article will explain the different configurations available to you and show you how to set them up, as well provide use cases and troubleshooting tips.  


Configuration Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Step 1: Log into the router's Setup Page. For help with logging in please click here.
    • Alternatively, you can configure your device using NetCloud Manager.  Select your device or an IBR1700 group in NCM, and then click on Configuration>Edit.  For help with configuring a device with NetCloud Manager please click here. 
  • Step 2: Click on System> Setup Wizards> Quick WiFi Setup. 
Setup Wizard
  • Step 3: Click the drop down menu to select the WiFi configuration that best matches your needs.  The advantages and intended use cases for the different configurations will be explained in this article's Use Cases section down below. 
    • Once you've chosen how you want your WiFi radios setup there's a good chance you'll want to change the names of your wireless networks.  To configure settings like the SSID and security mode on one of your radios you can click on that radio underneath the "WiFi Radio Configuration" section of the Quick WiFi Setup page.  For more assistance with configuring your wireless networks, please click here.  

Use Cases

Best AP(4) 

When using the Best AP(4) configuration, the Cradlepoint will have its 4 main Wifi Antennas active and broadcasting the Cradlepoint’s wireless network.  This is a great choice for when you need the best signal possible to connect to your Cradlepoint’s wireless network. 

Best AP

If you have the Cradlepoint acting as your primary internet connection and don’t need it to use another wifi network as it’s internet then you should use Best AP(4).  4 ports will be used to broadcast the Cradlepoint’s wireless network giving you the best signal strength. 

Best AP(4) + WAN(2) 

In Best AP(4) + WAN(2) mode, 4 of the wireless antennas will be used to broadcast the Cradlepoints own wireless network, and the remaining 2 will be used for the Cradlepoint to connect to another wireless network.  This setup works well for when you want to have use another Wifi Network as it’s internet connection and you want to get the best signal possible on the Cradlepoint’s own wireless network.  In this mode, go to Networking> WiFi-as-Wan> WiFi Radio #2 to setup your WiFi-as-Wan connection.  Click here for more assistance with WiFi-as-Wan.

Best AP + WAN

Good AP(2) 

In Good AP(2) mode, the Cradlepoint will only use 2 of it’s antennas to broadcast its own wireless network. This setup makes sense for a medium bandwidth network when you’re short on antennas.

Good AP

Good AP(2) + WAN(4)

In Good AP(2) + WAN(4) mode, the Cradlepoint will use all 6 of it’s antennas.  2 antennas will be dedicated to broadcasting the Cradlepoint’s own wireless network and the other 4 will be designated for the Cradlepoint’s Wifi-as-Wan connection.  This is a good choice when having the Cradlepoint use another Wifi network as it’s internet connection is your top priority.  In this mode, go to Networking> WiFi-as-Wan> WiFi Radio #3 to setup your WiFi-as-Wan connection.  Click here for more assistance with WiFi-as-Wan. 
Good AP + WAN

Good AP(2) + WAN(4) works great for when your Cradlepoint is setup in a vehicle and needs to connect to a wireless network at the station or headquarters for data offload.  2 antennas will be used for the in-vehicle WiFi and 4 will be used to connect to the station’s wireless network, giving you the highest bandwidth on that connection.  


Vehicle Having Hard Time Connecting to Station WiFi

If you have your Cradlepoint setup in a vehicle and it has a hard time connecting to station or headquarters WiFi, try setting up your Cradlepoint in Good AP(2) + WAN(4) mode.  In this mode, the majority of the Cradlepoint's antennas will be used to connect to the station or headquarters WiFi network, improving performance. 

Devices Having Hard Time Connecting to Cradlepoint Wifi

If your devices can see the wireless network but can't connect, verify that you're inputting the password correctly.  If you can connect to the Cradlepoint's WiFi network but can't get internet, verify that devices that are plugged in to the Cradlepoint can get internet.  If they can, follow this knowledgebase article to make sure you've properly attached your WiFi network to a Local Network on the Cradlepoint. 

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Published Date: 4/20/18

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