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Cellular modem is not detected because of a modem plug issue

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TitleCellular modem is not detected because of a modem plug issue
  • No internet connection
  • Internal modem is not detected
  • Cellular modem doesn't show up in the router GUI
  • Modem does not appear in the router's GUI
  • Modem used with the Cradlepoint device is not working
  • In the local dashboard the modem does not appear or only appears briefly
  • No signal lights
  • Logs show repeating errors like:
05:02:40 PM  [    INFO] [        kernel] usb 1-1: new high-speed USB device number 13 using ehci-platform
05:02:42 PM  [    INFO] [        kernel] usbcore: registered new interface driver cpusb12
05:02:47 PM  [    INFO] [        kernel] usb 1-1: USB disconnect, device number 13
05:02:49 PM  [ WARNING] [        kernel] Device with id:12 unplugged
05:02:49 PM  [    INFO] [        kernel] usbcore: deregistering interface driver cpusb12



Tue Mar 20th 16:40:29 2018    cp_stack_mgr    INFO    usb1: WAN Device hard reset, hub 3:3
Tue Mar 20th 16:40:29 2018    cp_stack_mgr    INFO    usb1: WAN Device reset (0)
Tue Mar 20th 16:40:29 2018    cp_stack_mgr    INFO    usb1: Device failed to plug properly. Hard resetting!
Tue Mar 20th 16:40:18 2018    cp_stack_mgr    INFO    usb1: LTE Modem Plugging - msg: LTE modem plug failed. - status:25


  • Cradlepoint's internal modems (LP, LE, LPE, LP6, LP4, L)
  • Modem was recognized and connected previously, but doesn't anymore

  1. Check the NCOS release notes for your current router firmware version to verify it has support for the modem
  2. Take the SIM card out of the modem
  3. Perform the extended hardware reset: How to Perform 20/20/20 Reset
  4. If the modem shows up, check its firmware under System>System Control>Modem Firmware, and update if necessary: NCOS: Manual Modem Firmware Update
  5. Reinsert the SIM card and wait for the router to power back on 

Additional Information
  • Note: If the router was registered in NetCloud Manager, it will automatically download its previous configuration once it reconnects. If the router was not managed, it would be a good idea to create a backup of the router config prior to doing the reset, so that those settings can be quickly reloaded afterwards: NCOS: Backing Up and Restoring Cradlepoint Router Config Settings
  • If the modem module still does not show up after the extended reset, contact Cradlepoint's support team for additional assistance: How can I get an RMA replacement?



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